Local Leads


Here is your opportunity to build your local business by getting leads on a daily basis from your area code. There are 257 area codes in the US… And we can deliver leads to each of these Area Codes!


Your Leads are delivered at 8:00AM Daily!




Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

How This Works…

  • You have the choice of 3 great options [See Options Below]
  • You have the ability to work consistently – NO IDLE TIME!
  • We call this the Momentum Creator! DAILY INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY
  • With each lead you get the following information: Email Address, Name, Phone, Time & Date Stamp, and IP Address
  • Your leads will then be placed in your LeadPower Control Panel. You will be emailed your Username & Password to access this panel as well as a link to view your leads.
  • Lead deliveries are Monday – Friday (Sometimes on Saturday & Sunday)
  • Free Live Training & Call Script Provided.

Cancellation Policy:
You may cancel anytime, but it will take effect the next business day.
All Sales are final. There are no refunds. Cancellation must be received by 3:00 PM EST
and only received BY FAX. Our Fax: (423) 536-6023. No phone or email request will be taken.

Replacement Policy:
All orders will receive an extra 10% overage to account for any bad records.
No further replacements or refunds can be offered.


Test out the quality of our leads. Never be disappointed.